2014 is here and that means testing some 2015 boards.

This is Red 80 Flywave, a very light custom board by Ola Helenius that has a shorter profile and is very snappy.

Photo by Jimmie Hepp

Simmer Style News posts a nice piece with more coverage on Ali Baba in Cabo Verde.

NNW swell 4 meters at 17 seconds, with 20 knots solid wind, and Ali Baba was simply going off !!
Many rides were over a minute long, easily over 500 yards.
The level of adrenaline one feels when racing at top speed to the inside is indescribable. No words can capture the intense level of amazement, the suspense and emotion of making a wave all the way thru at Ali Baba. Cabo Verde has had a most active season this year, and it was a huge honor and privilege to be present for this session.

Enjoy these images captured by Sergio Fonte’.SF1_2785 SF1_2786 SF1_3185 SF1_3186 SF1_3187 SF1_3207 (1) SF1_3207 SF1_3210 SF1_3211 SF1_3214

The perfect day in Cabo Verde – windsurf movie 2013 from CV Clipmachine on Vimeo.

Living with my family in Finland for part of the winter has its advantages when the North Atlantic begins to get active.
It had been two years since my last Cabo Verde visit, and it was time to go back there and score some sessions.
These pictures are from a shallow break called Fontana, which goes very shallow and allows zero room for error.
It was nice to see some of my friends like Kevin Pritchard, and Julien Tabulet had the same idea, and we all scored some great conditions in the short week I was there just before the Holiday Season began.

Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde

Hookipa 99’…..mid June 99′ to be precise, and it’s one of those stories with the shot.

Mid June and it is 8 feet at Hookipa.


I can never ever forget this session, nobody who was lucky enough to be there will, ever.

What was I even doing on Maui ?

It was becuse of this AWSP tour event at Diamond Head, a smaller type of deal, and on the day the event ended why not pop on over to Maui even though its Summer? Did not even have a ride from the airport…caught my shaper at the time, Dan Bolfing just as he was leaving the house in Haiku from a pay phone in Honolulu, and at 4 in the afternoon arrive on Maui, usually too late but in this case it’s mid June, Summer trades, longer days…..we drive by Hookipa…..slack jaw.

8 feet and going from green trees all the way thru.   IN MiD JUNE 

Safe to say 4:30 -6:30 was some of the best Hookipa ever seen….all kinds of amazing long rides – in mid Summer light….Darrell Womg in the chopper, Levi to this day claims no session ever produced more coverage. He claims like 6 covers produced from that day. Magic light I tell you, and the swell angle was magic also.

Darrell went for the speed blur image with me and it produced that shot that is somewhat unparalleled in its unique angle and focus. Some other pivotal life shifting events had taken place for me the weeks prior to this moment. So of course this session was special, and memorable to say the least.

Funny to note all the industry heads started to demand the company photo shoots be held on Maui in June from then on…….until reality set in.

It’s Maui in June….!! That an 8 foot swell hit like that in the midst of Summer trades was unprecedented. Usually its flatter than flat.

It’s not been that good, that late in the season ever since , but it can indeed happen. 

We always refer to that day, even if was indeed 13 or so years ago.

2013 Halo from Simmer Style on Vimeo.

Reporting a super fun mission back home to the West Coast USA for many awesome Waddell Creek / Davenport sessions, a good tune up for the 2012 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash up into the woods in Oregon where it was just as always, windy 3.7 to 4.5 every day with that ever present wind swell. The comp went well where it ended for me in 4th.  Also good to see Whit Poor getting in on some action at 9th after his nearly year off due to injury.

The highlight for the whole period was how much I enjoyed the all out effectiveness of my Simmer Quantum Quad.
Absolutely a huge advantage in conditions where you need to squeeze more momentum from every minimal wind-swell wave riding opportunity. The fact that my Quantum Quad was so tuned in for the side to side onshore wind angle that most of those spots featured, was a massive confidence boost to every session no matter if in a heat or not.

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