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Punta Abreojos Baja Mexico Spot Guide

Check out this guide on Punta Abreojos, Baja originally featured in the August 2013 issue of Windsurf Magazine.

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We just returned from another excellent Cabo Verde trip, with lots of surf from the Hercules storm. Photographer SI Crowher has the goods.
Check this green cavern that I got at Pt Preta left.

Kai Pt Preta Left

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2014 is here and that means testing some 2015 boards.

This is Red 80 Flywave, a very light custom board by Ola Helenius that has a shorter profile and is very snappy.

Photo by Jimmie Hepp

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Simmer Style News posts a nice piece with more coverage on Ali Baba in Cabo Verde.

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NNW swell 4 meters at 17 seconds, with 20 knots solid wind, and Ali Baba was simply going off !!
Many rides were over a minute long, easily over 500 yards.
The level of adrenaline one feels when racing at top speed to the inside is indescribable. No words can capture the intense level of amazement, the suspense and emotion of making a wave all the way thru at Ali Baba. Cabo Verde has had a most active season this year, and it was a huge honor and privilege to be present for this session.

Enjoy these images captured by Sergio Fonte’.SF1_2785 SF1_2786 SF1_3185 SF1_3186 SF1_3187 SF1_3207 (1) SF1_3207 SF1_3210 SF1_3211 SF1_3214

The perfect day in Cabo Verde – windsurf movie 2013 from CV Clipmachine on Vimeo.

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Living with my family in Finland for part of the winter has its advantages when the North Atlantic begins to get active.
It had been two years since my last Cabo Verde visit, and it was time to go back there and score some sessions.
These pictures are from a shallow break called Fontana, which goes very shallow and allows zero room for error.
It was nice to see some of my friends like Kevin Pritchard, and Julien Tabulet had the same idea, and we all scored some great conditions in the short week I was there just before the Holiday Season began.

Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde

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2013 Halo from Simmer Style on Vimeo.

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